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Building Sustainably with Wood (Wood Campus)
TYPE Online Course
DURATION 60 minutes
DESCRIPTION When it comes to reducing the carbon footprint (the total lifetime CO2 impact, including materials, construction and use) of a building, wood has unique advantages. This module describes why wood is the most sustainable building material, the importance of ensuring that wood is purchased from sustainably managed forests and how wood plays a significant role in tackling climate change. It also covers the government’s sustainable development agenda and how to gain EcoHomes credits.


To understand how the use of wood can impact on climate change, and how it can be engineered to create new wood products together with some new methods of construction.



By the end of this module, you should:

  • understand the Wood for Good ethos,
  • be aware of sustainability and how it can be achieved,
  • have an understanding of climate change and the effect that using wood will have,
  • be familiar with some modern methods of wood construction and techniques or assessing the environmental impact of a building.

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