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Drinking Water (Hot and Cold)
TYPE Online Course
DURATION 20 minutes
DESCRIPTION This module gives an overview of some legislation for hot water boilers and cold water fountains. It also looks at the uses and benefits of Heatraeā€™s hot and cold drinking water products.


The aim of this module is to impart knowledge about using hot and cold water products; it dispels some common myths and looks at the associated legislation before going on to discuss how to specify Heatrae’s electric water heater range (Supreme) and chilled water fountains (SuperChill).



By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand why Supreme electric water heaters are economically and environmentally efficient
  • Appreciate the benefit of the Intelliboil™Plus system in terms of correctly storing boiling water
  • See the benefits of mains supplied chilled water over bottled water
  • Be aware of the parts and labour guarantees available with the Supreme and SuperChill ranges.

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