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A Guide to Thin Multifoil Insulation
TYPE Online Course
DURATION 20 minutes
DESCRIPTION This module will help you to understand the growing multifoil insulation market and how multifoil compares to traditional insulation products; and how ACTIS addresses the needs of the market in terms of its product range and its features and benefits, focusing on the TRISO SUPER 10+.


The aim of this module is to explain heat transfer and why we insulate buildings. It introduces the Actis multifoil system as a series of products which benefit both the merchant and customer.


By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand the principles of insulating buildings
  • Be aware of the benefits of ACTIS multifoil products against the traditional insulation products on the market today
  • Know how the TRISO-SUPER 10 stand-alone system can be utilised