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Electric Heating Products
TYPE Online Course
DURATION 20 minutes
DESCRIPTION This module covers the eco benefits and legislation associated with electric heating, together with the information required to accurately specify Heatrae Sadia’s electric heating product range.


The aim of this module is to promote electric heating as an eco friendly and efficient method of heating where gas is not available, and to show how Heatrae Sadia combine innovative technology with high standards of durability and performance across their product range.



By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand why electric heating should be recommended where there is no gas supply.
  • Appreciate the legislative, installation and maintenance advantages of electric heating.
  • Be aware of the features and benefits of the Heatrae Sadia electric heating product range and be able to accurately specify them to your customers.

For more information on products and prices why not  visit your local branch or www.howarth-timber.co.uk