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An Introduction to Timber
TYPE Online Course
DURATION 15 minutes

An Introduction to Timber


This 15-minute video-rich course provides a general introduction to the benefits of using timber.
It explains why timber is such an exciting material right now, and why the future is bright for timber sales.

Target Staff

All staff, whether management, yard, warehouse or office.

What you'll learn

  • Why timber is the most important building material of the 21st century
  • Why timber is the most environmentally-friendly building material
  • That it’s naturally renewable, in plentiful supply and grown in sustainably managed forests
  • That using timber is good for the forests
  • How using wood saves carbon dioxide and helps reduce global warming
  • How wood is strong, light, durable and easy to use
  • How wood makes healthy homes
  • How wood makes beautiful buildings

Course Benefits

This is a simple way to remind everyone of just how great wood is.
It sets out the key benefits and makes you proud to work in the timber industry.

An Introduction to Timber